Who we are

What products do you specialise in?

Heart felt wishes specializes in a broad range of handmade greeting cards, including using some of the most complicated techniques to provide very detailed and sophisticated concepts. We have a huge variety of cards for our customers to choose from and to name just a few of our most popular ranges:  

  • Quilling cards where paper is bundled into very small rolls, repeated several times and collated to produce beautiful and intricate designs;
  • Laser cut pop up cards which provide for captivating and delicate images such as a pop up an engagement proposal, a racing car or an arrangement of flowers, to be gazed upon friends and families for long after the said occasion; and
  • Mini cards which come in a huge variety of styles and are perfect to accompany a box of chocolates, jewellery, bouquet of flowers, bottle of wine, or in fact anything you would rather add a small feature to.

We are absolutely delighted to differentiate ourselves from some of the other household names in the greeting card industry due to the fact that the majority of our cards are handmade and hand finished rather than printed cards which means when our card is opened on the special day it stands out as something extraordinary and unique on a mantelpiece full of commonplace cards and the quality is always noticed.


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Our history

1985 - 2017

How long has WG Heartfeltwishes been up and running for?

Heartfeltwishes is a U.K. family run business which has been providing exclusive and quality greeting cards for over 30 years. It has been our mission from day one to ensure we are forward thinking and bring the best to our customers, whilst making the process easy and hassle free.

What have been the key milestones in the business?

 Heartfeltwishes values each and every one of its customers whether that be a lady who last week ordered her first card to be delivered to the USA for her mother or our corporate clients who have used our We Remember So You Don’t Forget service to ensure all of their key clients and employees receive personalized greeting cards for Christmas and birthdays.

 However a key highlight for us in 2017 would be being asked to design and create a bespoke laser cut card for one of our clients which will be send out to over 3000 people. The fact our client loved their individually designed card which brought a entirely new element to their business brought us a great sense of pleasure.

At Heartfeltwishes we strive to ensure we are more than a corporate entity providing a product, we want to build long lasting relationships with our customers and want our customers to trust and rely on us for a service that allows a very personal touch.

 My personal highlight in the Heartfeltwishes history was asking my daughter, niece and close friend to sing our company jingle which is present on our company website and branding and makes me very proud each time I hear it.  



What we offer


Here at Heartfeltwishes we are huge believers of being innovative and ensuring our cards have the wow factor. Greeting cards can sometimes be taken for granted, however we believe that if the right card is chosen, greeting cards are the perfect keep safe to be looked back on and bring back those special memories and we feel our stunning cards can do just that. We want our customers to feel proud when giving our cards to their family and friends so we look to think outside the box and fill the gaps in the industry.


For example, we understand how busy life can be and as part of our service we allow our customers to sign up to a yearly service where they can select greeting cards for all their loved ones in a very quick and user friendly manner which will then be automatically send out prior to the occasion with a beautifully hand written personally chosen message inside or in fact to our customers to write their own message. This service is also extended to our corporate clients.

Our motto is We Remember So You Don’t Forget!


  • Personalized cards
  • Innovative Designs
  • Choice of varied design options
  • Handwritten , handmade cards, for your loved ones
  • Scheduled delivery for your special occasions
  • We Remember, So You Don’t Forget!

It has been our mission from day one to ensure we are forward thinking and bring the best to our customers, whilst making the process easy and hassle free.


Meet our team

Mission & values


Our Aim

It has been our mission from day one to ensure we are forward thinking and bring the best to our customers, whilst making the process easy and hassle free.


Individual Handmade/Innovative Paper Art Cards

Looking to deliver the card personally ? Choose a card or cards from the category listing and we will send your card(s) directly to you. Each hand made card is supplied with its own complementing envelope. Due to the nature of the product, each card is individually unique and cannot be sourced from all retail shops. You can give specific instructions when placing your order. We hold a buffer stock of cards displayed on this website. Free Shipping in the UK, for orders over £50.00 . All products ordered before 2 PM will be dispatched on the same day.


Want to make someone feel extra special? Personalize Service!

An ideal service for very busy professionals in all sectors, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Healthcare staff, Police, and Armed Forces personnel and their families at home or overseas.

Go the extra mile to show them you care with a unique, handmade art greeting card they'll treasure forever. We provide a unique service to each of our customers, providing a beautiful handmade card complete with a hand written message. Simply choose from a wide variety of unique handmade cards on our category list, provide the required dates and details of your recipient  at the CHECKOUT stage , choose a payment method and we do the rest. Your loved ones, colleagues, etc.... will receive, via the post, a beautiful handmade card complete with hand written message at NO EXTRA CHARGE.   You Can also use the BROWSE Button at the CHECKOUT stage to upload your PHOTO to be integrated in our selected personalized range at NO EXTRA CHARGE.                                         All items ordered before 2 PM will be dispatched on the same day.